Guido Giacomo Gattai (1981 – …) is an Italian writer and philosopher.


He was born in Fiesole on August 17, 1981 in a family of teachers. Thanks to a Swiss aunt he had been speaking French at home from the very beginning, and his parents hired a New Zealand nurse to let him speak English right away. Raised by a philosopher grandfather (Roberto G. Salvadori), he began studying theater acting at the age of 6, opened his first theater company when he turned 14 (La Rosa Nera), and published his first story in the newspaper L’Unità. After the success of some apartment theater in Florence, at 17 he enrolled in the film school “Imagine” of Giuseppe Ferlito, where he graduated two years later in movie directing.


At the age of 19 he enrolled in the faculty of philosophy of Florence where he graduated in Moral Philosophy and specialized in History of Philosophy of Renaissance.
During the years of specialization he gained a master’s degree in Eastern and Comparative Philosophy in Rimini and then, one in Philosophical Practice in Paris with Oscar Brenifier.
In 2005, in Florence, during his university years, he founded the hyronist movement, a still alive philosophical movement, the web television HyronisTV and the festival of philosophy of Florence “FilosoFestival” – both also still alive.
With the press house of this philosophical movement he published two books about theater, three about philosophy and two philosophical fairy tales for children.
In the meanwhile he collaborated with the magazine Testimonianze, cultural historical Florentine magazine founded by Father Ernesto Balducci.


In 2009, during an Erasmus in Paris, he began to date a Polish girl, because of which, in August of that same year he moved to Wroclaw. He just fell in love with this city and he lived in there for two years while working as internet advertiser and studying in France to finish his master’s in Philosophical Practice. In October 2012, he completed the master’s, and thanks to his friend Wadim Matusewicz, started to organize monthly philosophical coffee and conducting a daily activity as philosophical counselor for individuals and companies.

In January 2013 Roman Gutek spot those events and brought them in his cinema: a short series of four events at the movies New Horizons, which brought Gattai’s philosophical coffee, the first one in Poland, to the pages of many newspapers.
In the meantime, he continued his work as a lecturer with conferences in Holland, South Korea, Vietnam, Greece and of course Italy.


In 2012 he began to write short stories for “Il Nuovo Male”, an Italian monthly magazine about satire and culture, and working as expert on Italian culture for Gazeta Wrocławska.


philosophical consultant

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